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Custom Pet Urns

cartoon dog images in clay

By potter, Ann Cheers

 I know this is a very difficult time and emotional process ordering an urn. My sincere condolences for your loss.  In hopes to make this as easy as possible, I've combined my gallery and order form with examples as you go along. If you are unsure about anything, include your questions or concerns in the spaces provided and I will do my best to answer them so that we can design exactly what you want. 

All major credit cards accepted through Pay Pal, I accept checks/money orders too. Payment due before shipment,installments accepted.

**Generally, custom urns take anywhere between 6 to 10 weeks for completion.  If you'd rather not wait, check out my non-custom urns being sold on Etsy, shipped to you via priority mail within 3 days.**



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Memorial Tiles

by Cheers Pottery

 custom portrait memorial tile

Design your own Pet Urn
*My apologies for this website is not quite finished and doesn't work when you hit Submit.  I suggest to place an order, send me the answers to the "steps" below either on facebook, etsy or my email:
Sorry for the inconvenience.

glazed urn for a pet
green fern pet urn
                        STEP 1
Extra Small Cat or Dog $30 (under 15lbs)
  approx. 3.5 tall x 3.5" wide
Small Dog or Cat $35  (15 to 30 lbs)
                                approx. 4.5" tall x 4.5" wide 

Medium Dog $40 (40-65 lbs)
                                 approx. 5.5 tall x 5.5" wide  

  Large Dog $45 (75-100+ lbs)
                               approx. 7" tall x 6.5 " wide 
  Extra Large Dog $50 (100+ lbs)
                         approx. 8.5" x 7" wide

*These prices are a 'base' price, just a vessel
(including lid) without anything added.

ceramic pet urn with name badge
(washed blue)

urn for ashes

kitty cat ceramic urn

ceramic pet urn with inscribed name

We start with a basic urn with only glaze,
 decide on your glaze color.


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 *TIPS: If you are planning to add other custom features, colors that  contrast work best however, just the 'clay' (no glaze at all) gives the cleanest look and matches nicely with all glaze colors with less chance of glaze bleeding or running.  Most glazes are pretty stable; opal, deep blue & green are my most fluid glazes & hardest to control, the stamped work provides a reservior for the glaze to puddle.  If you want these colors with a second color, it can still be done, just realize there's a slight risk of glaze bleed or running.

sun pet urn

bone badge on dog urn          (lighttan)

ceramic pet dog urn
     (dark tan)

yellow rose ceramic pet urn

pet dog urn with name badge

heart badge pet urn

cat urn with paw prints
inscription in a cloud

crown name badge for pet urn
  (deep blue)

flower name badge on ceramic pet urn
   (washedblue)lets play ball

custom inscribed good pug in heart
(deep blue)

tennis ball badge


    Front Name Inscription? Yes   None
                 Add $25
font kristin, font merlin   
Kristen   Merlin



Also, it's best to limit your colors combinations to two, three at the most...

we miss you custom inscription pet urn tan pink heart custom pet urn

  (washed blue)                 (light tan)

sweet companion inscription miss kitty in heart badge ceramic pet urnwhite and pink pet urn

         (washed white)                           (bright white)                   (opal)



 Additional (Optional) Inscription(s):

None  (skip down to step 5)

List of "Favorite Inscriptions"

Cheers' Favorite Inscription (add $15 each)




Front (with name inscription)   Back

                      2nd additional 'favorite' inscription:

None  (skip down to step 5)



  Front (with name inscription)    Back

cat pet urn with heart name badgecloud name badge pet urn

                                (stained)                           (deep blue)


Custom Inscription (add $40 each)   None



  Front  (with name inscription)   

black and white heart badge pet urncustom inscription on pet urn

pawprint knob for pet urn lid
tennis ball knob for pet urn lid
biscuit knob for pet urn lid
white paw print pet urn lid
shamrock clover lid knob for custom pet urn
Mommy's boy in a bone ceramic dog pet urn
                   STEP 4
The Lid
  Dates  (add $5)       No Dates
Dates work well on the lid but if you'd like the dates somewhere else on the urn, include it in inscription section step 3 or if you want something else inscribed on lid, type it in box given below.

Two styles:
Sept. 18, 1994 - Dec. 15, 2009 

          7/14/1998 - 6/28/2010
(*not limited to dates, can be any small 'favorite' inscription*)

         red rose knob for pet urn lid    
yellow rose knob for pet urn lid
More examples under "photo mount"  (scroll down)

glass melted in bottom of lidglass peices melted inside lid bottom
Peices of glass can be thrown into bottom of lid, it gives a translucent, crackled effect.  add $5
Glass effect 

urn lid side view profile
side view profile of lid

blue paw print ceramic dog urn
glazed over
green and black glazed paw prints
paw print tracks black and whitepaw print tracks black and tanpaw print tracks rust and whitepaw print tracks tan and rustpaw print tracks white and clay
no glaze print
bee and paw pet urn details
cat urn with dead mice design
bird urn
urn with feather
Alternating Image

 No alternating images  

Alternating images yes



design it yourself pet urn tennis ballsbone paw pet urn
 (washed or light blue)


 *Glazes that are more transparent tend to 'break' (changes where glaze thins like throwing rings or impressions in the clay) better over the print than others like the 'washed' glazes as shown above.

Also if you have an idea that's not represented here, run it by me, maybe I can work my magic.


decorated pet urn attachments feather, heart w/beadsomething special potsurn attachments, shell, feathers, beads
(*deep green)                            (*deep blue)                          (*rust brown)
* overlapped with second glaze for color variation

  Hanging Attachments  (add $8) *three max*
No Attachments



         *Beads are either bone, glass or stone as the hanging hearts and stars are clay.  Remember to pick colors that contrast the base glaze you picked for the urn.

hang pet tags from pet urn  dog with bows attached
*A jump ring can be attached to urn if you would like to hang your dog's tags, sometimes placement can be a little tricky, so a measurement of how long the tags are can be useful.

Remember, too, your pet's collar could possibly fit around the neck of the urn.  Let me know if that's something you would like to do then please provide me with a measurement of the diameter at the widest setting of the collar and the width as well.

favorite inscription in heart badge pet urn

(washed blue)we miss you pet urn

Mailing address, phone, comments:  
Payment preference:
    Credit card   

Payment due upon completion.  You will be emailed an e-bill when your order is ready to ship.
$15 shipping charge

** I will contact you after I receive your order with a confirmation & total. You will then receive an e-bill within a week's time of completion. You may break up your payments into installments if you would like, let me know, that can be arranged.**
Half now/half later

...scroll down to submit...

 whimsical cartoon dog and cat faces

Okay, at this point you may be done unless you are looking for a more elaberate, personalize portrait of your pet, maybe hold a photo?

Then, skip the 'submit' button & continue on....

If you want no further customization then please review your order before submitting your finished order, hit the 'submit' button below. You will receive notice that it went through successfully.  Thank you.
(No charges are being placed, you will be emailed a bill later.)
*My apologies for this website is not quite finished and doesn't work when you hit Submit.  I suggest to place an order, send me the answers to the "steps" and send through facebook, etsy or my email:
Sorry for the inconvenience.

But WAIT - you might not be done, scroll down to check out my 'special design urns, photo or portrait urns, continue on to 'More Options' below.

What additions you've already chosen, i.e. inscriptions, paw prints, etc. will be added to whatever design chosen, if any, to add past this point, but feel free to edit them if you want.  Any special instructions can be added in the boxes provided at the end of the order form.  If unsure, options can be changed even after submitting, as long as I haven't started the project.



Photo Mount     Rainbow Bridge     Flower Garden     Flying Angel


Basic Cartoon     Custom Cartoon    Sketched     Detailed     Full Scene



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            More Options:

These next designs can be combined with the other designs offered.  For example, photo mount on one side with a flying kitty image on the other or you might want pawprints added to your portrait urn.  If you are confused at this point, type your request in the comment boxes provided.

rest in peace pet urn       rainbow & flowers design on pet urn

photo mount ceramic pet urn lamenated photo pet urn
photo pet dog urn with bone
photo pet urn with peace sign photo holders
   Photo Mount (adds $50)

     Photo Holders (choose up to 4 or sets of 2) 



Name Inscription: Above photo    Below photo

  (You might have filled this out in detail in step 3, but just to be double clear on where you want to place this inscription)


Above photo   Below photo


        **Photo is laminated & fit on to the urn.**

photo pet urn with heart holdersphoto cat pet urn with flower holdersphoto pet urn with tennis ball photo holders

rainbow bridge pet urn
rainbow urn for yorkie terrier
"Meet you at the Rainbow's Bridge"  
(add $40 includes inscription)
 yes          no 

rainbow bridge pet urnrainbow brige custom pet urn
No inscription, rainbow only ($20) 

flower design pet urn
(deep blue)

You can request certain flowers, like daisies... or catnip... etc.
catnip and butterfly ceramic pet urn

Flower Garden Design
add $50
no      yes 

flower pet urnflower urnflower design on pet urn
(washed blue)                        (dark tan)                     (washed white)
(flowers wrap around entire urn)



Breed of dog or cat  

flying winged angel kitty catangel kitty cat urn
Flying Angel

add $50   yes no

flying winged angel pet urns

**A photo will be helpful to match fur colors & patterns**


                            PET PORTRAITS

Basic Cartoon
add $40  
The brown images below have no glaze, just the clay showing through.

cartoon kitty cat pet urndog cartoon pet urn
cat or dog cartoon pet urns

  If you would like to add custom colors to match your pet:
One color add $10
Two Colors $15  Three Colors $20
white cartoon dog ceramic urncartoon kitty cat black and white tuxedo dog pet urn
**You may need to send me a photo so I can best match fur markings & colors.**

calico cat cartoon pet urnkitty cat cartoon pet urncartoon cat ceramic pet urn
Custom Cartoon
add $100 

As you can see, these are a more detailed rendering...

white bull dog cartoon portrait pet dog urncollie pet dog urnsheep dog urn
great dane custom pet urn
**You may need to send me a photo so I can best match markings & colors.**

jack russel ceramic pet urndog burial urn for a boxer dogshetland collie custom cartoon pet urn
cat burial cartoon portrait pet urncustom cartoon cat ceramic pet urncat cartoon portrait pet urn

Custom Simple Sketched Image
add $60 
Non-detailed sketch or silohette drawing or cartoon like image.

**You will need to send me a photo or drawing  of what you want**

cartoon custom drawing dog urnsimple sketched dog portrait urnsketched kitty cat

little girl kitty cat urn  sleeping winged kitty urn
running racing dog pet urnwiemaraner portrait on a cloud

sketched dream swimming mailmansketched dream mailman swimming

Custom Portrait
add $150 
A detailed look-a-like rendition from a photo.  There is also a little bit of sculpted-like dimension as working with clay tends to do that.

retriever dog pet urnking charles spaniel ceramic custom portrait pet urnwiemaraner dog pet urn

shar pai pet urn

  cat photo for portriat urnsiamese kitty cat portrait ceramic pet urntabby kitty pet urn

dog angel in clouds pink wings portrait dog urngrey hound custom portrait pet urnborder collie portrait pet urn

**You will need to send me a photo of chosen photos to use for scene and portraits.**

...with a Full Scene
(can include another less detailed sketch)
add another $50 
(price may vary depending on what additional work you want)

jack russel full portrait dog pet urn

boston terrier pet urn

**You will need to send me a photo so I can best match markings & colors.  Please choose a photo for me to use for portrait, so send me your favorites**

"Until one has loved an animal, a part of one's soul remains unawakened.   Anatole France

guinea pig pet urnchicken hen pet urn

rat pet urnrabbit lupin pet urn

Contact Me



stained cat kitty box pet urncustom cat kitty ceramic box pet urnwhite cat kitty ceramic pet urn

heart urn        $175 (starts plain)   sleeping kitty urn

custom inscribed heart box ceramic pet urnangel cat kitty heart box pet urnheart box with rubber stopper pet urn

Square or Rectangular Pet Urns  $225

 (Price depends on details)

box ceramic pet urnphoto box ceramic pet urnwindow box ceramic pet urn

paw walk gif

Tennis ball urn (with rubber stopper bottom) $250

tennis ball urntennis ball urn with rubber stopper       tennis ball urn

Kong urn (with rubber stopper bottom) $250

kong urn blackkong urn

Memorial Tiles by Cheers Pottery

 custom portrait memorial tile


I really do want you to have exactly the urn you want for your special pet's final resting place that represents and celebrates the unique relationship you shared with your pet. I hope you were able to find something on my site that you will cherish, but if not, then check out some other artist's handmade memorial sites

Alex in Welderland

Eternal Pet Studio,

Spirit Remains, Specialty Urns for Dogs and Cats

More Pet Resource Links

  paw walk gif

Thanks for visiting Cheers' Pottery Custom Pet Urns and Pet Memorials. 

My condolences for your loss.

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