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whimsical pet cremation urns

By potter, Ann Cheers

Choose from my unique selection of handmade, ready-to-ship, dog or cat pet urns, or design a custom  pet urn as special as the relationship you share with your beloved pet. 

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whimsical cartoon dog and cat faces  

"Until one has loved an animal, a part of one's soul remains unawakened."

       Anatole France

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handmade custom pet urn for cat


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handmade custom dog urn 



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Pet Urns

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lid with paw print on the knob 


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 I know this is a very difficult time and an emotional process ordering an urn, and I hope to make this as easy as possible. When you are ready to order your pet's urn, go to my order form page. There you will find more information to help you order exactly what you want. If you are unsure about anything, include your questions and concerns in the spaces provided and I will do my best to answer them so you can design exactly what you want.  I will also email you after I receive your order to go over everything with you so all your special requests are clear before I begin.

making custom pet cremation dog urn

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Thanks for visiting Cheers' Pottery Custom Pet Urns and Pet Memorials. I really do want you to have exactly the urn you want for your special dog or cat's (or bird, hamster, ferret, horse, bunny, guinea pig, rat, etc.) final resting place that represents and celebrates the unique relationship you shared with your pet. I hope you were able to find something on my site that you will cherish, but if not, then perhaps you will find what you're looking for at one of the following unique, handmade custom pet urn and memorial sites:

Alex in Welderland

Eternal Pet Studio,

Spirit Remains, Specialty Urns for Dogs and Cats

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